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Klub Gromka


Metelkova / Masarykova / Maistrova
Piran, 1000 Slovenia
ph. +386 31 505 610
em. defonija@gmail.com


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Klub Gromka is a vital part of The Autonomous Cultural Centre Metelkova. That is an umbrella term for one of the liveliest cultural, artistic, social and intellectual urban areas in Ljubljana that goes among the largest agglomeration of alternative and underground cultures in the whole Europe.

The little-big Gromka is located in the very heart of Metelkova, and is different from other Metelkova clubs, because it is not just a concert venue, but can be organised more like a jigsaw. It can transform from a lecture hall into a cinema, from a concert venue into a lounge room or a theatre.

Among variety of colourful music events going on in Gromka, there is “Defonija” concert series (est. 1999) that presents more or less radical freely improvised and experimental musics, avant-, new- and free jazz on regular basis. Famous for its excellent acoustics, Gromka offers nice performing athmosphere and quite intimate touch with the audience (max. 120), warm hospitality and very attentive crew. Live concerts from Klub Gromka have been released in Europe, Japan and USA.

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Directions: AKC Metelkova (also name of the neighbouring street) is located very near the central railway and bus stations of Ljubljana. Actually only 400 metres eastern way from both of them. Follow the street signs for the Central Clinical Hospital and Celica (worldwide known ex-prison, transformed into a unique hostel), persist couple of metres more on the Masarykova road and on your right side you will see huge military barracks complex - this is nowadays AKC Metelkova, squatted in 1993. Klub Gromka is located in the very heart of the barracks. You can approach Gromka also from the Celica Hostel. Turn left from its entrance door, go left once more and there is the club after 75 metres, located right in the corner.

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