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Evan Parker / Joe Morris / Nate Wooley at Ljubljana Jazz Festival at Cankarjev Dom


Cankarjev Dom
Ljubljana Jazz Festival

Prešernova Cesta 10


Fri, July 3, 2015

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Evan Parker
Evan Parker

sax, tenor

Joe Morris
Joe Morris


Nate Wooley
Nate Wooley



Evan Parker, reeds; Joe Morris, guitar; Nate Wooley, trumpet

What is the best combination of musicians to have a fruitful improvisation? Is the best way to assemble like-minded improvisers? Or reunite artists with totally different approaches? If you’re a sensible person, you’d say that the virtue is in the middle, that empathy and difference in balanced amounts are necessary.

When those musicians are Joe Morris, Evan Parker and Nate Wooley you have one of those situations in which the individual personalities of the people involved are the key to obtaining a successful collective music performance. These three gentlemen know when to “speak” and when to simply listen, they know what to add to the sound narrative at the right moment, and – no less important – what to subtract. Joe Morris has the fantastic capacity to be at the front line and to retreat to a position of service with the same natural conviction. Evan Parker guides every action he puts himself into with a personal philosophy of equality, respect and freedom, always proposing the creation of an alternative social relationship between human beings, a cell of a future ideal society. Nate Wooley is incredibly flexible, changing vocabulary and technique in quick responses to what the music asks. With these profiles you can be certain of one thing: whatever happens, the experience will be mind-blowing....

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Darinka Hvalec uploaded this event on June 30, 2015